I feel proud to state that our school, which began in 1983 as Kindergarten with a humble strength of only 17 students, has now assumed enormous proportion by stepping into its 32nd year. Students both past and present have claimed the lime light in the social, academic, cultural and sports arena.

Our school has been instrumental to inculcate  the basic traits and values required in making a good human being. In this ad oriented world we still believe that our performance should speak for itself, so that our commitment to our motto. The pursuit of excellence is not compromised but may be realised.

At this point, I am reminded of our first Principal Late Shri R.K. Gurnani, who was a great educationist and philosopher. He believed that happy child learns better. Following into his footsteps we try to create a happy and festive atmosphere.

This school has evolved as an institution integrating all the virtues of a promising and progressive English Medium School with Indian ethos of culture. It is this harmonious special feature blend that makes us stand apart.

I personally have a strong desire to contribute to the institution not only by promoting education in urban areas but also in rural sector. At Nachiketa,  it is our endeavor to create an environment that enriches all aspects of the self from the physical to the spiritual. I am determined to say that -
If we think, we can, WE CAN!